Jay has a total of five years of experience in the psilocybin industry, with expertise in psilocybin extraction and product development. He is a psilocybin mixologist, always figuring out and discovering innovative, useful, efficient, and effective microdosing products, and is responsible for many tested and proven delivery systems in the market today.

His mission is to help people experience life better, anxiety-free, with the gift of shrooms that nature has given humanity. He co-founded North Coast Remedies to make helpful products available to people who need a solution for stress, anxiety, and depression.


Nick is an advocate for medicinal psilocybin and a seasoned psilocybin specialist. He is a pioneer in psilocybin innovation, discovering new effective methods of extracting psilocybin, and concocting the latest and most efficient and convenient delivery systems.

With a collective five years in the industry, he has created excellent psilocybin microdosing products. A co-founder of North Coast Remedies and a relentless innovator, his discoveries, products and methods are now helping countless people in the battle against anxiety and stress.



Barb is a psychologist spanning 12 years of experience in counselling and psilocybin therapy. She is an expert in understanding the human psyche and how people can open direct connections to the subconscious and metaphysical.

She is an advocate of using psychedelic mushrooms and psilocybin products for microdosing, having seen countless evidence of their benefits with her clients. She provides people with helpful advice in microdosing and using psilocybin through the North Coast Remedies resource library.

Our Mission

Mushrooms have been around since the existence of life, and as a species, humanity has long discovered the magical effects of psilocybin. Ancient societies have been using magic mushrooms before history – it is a gift from nature with tremendous benefits readily available to us and that we can tap into.

We are relieved that today, while most governments are still sceptical, Canada has opened its heart up to psilocybin and microdosing. Our years of advocating the scientifically-proven therapeutic properties of psilocybin worked!

Our new mission is to re-introduce magic into people’s modern lives with innovative and efficient products – psilocybin as an effective natural mood and cognition enhancer, and organic relief for anxiety, stress, and depression.

The North Coast Remedies team is here for you to make microdosing psilocybin easy and safe with the most reliable products you wouldn’t find anywhere else. We are your best option – the most convenient psilocybin microdosing dispensary in Canada.

We have developed an innovative and effective way for people to microdose – the JT Protocol. It has been tested and proven to be helpful for those who are looking to stabilise their state of mind.

The microdosing system is best used with efficient psilocybin products that we have made available for you. Learn more about the JT Protocol in our guides.

Mushroom Products